5 Tier Boltless Shelving 180x90x40cm

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This 1.8m 5 Tier Boltless Shelving unit is great for any garage or workshop, offering a highly durable storage solution for a wide range of equipment or accessories.

• 5 x MDF shelves which can hold up to 175kg each
• Customise the shelf layout to suit your needs with adjustable shelf height and arrangements
• Easy self-assembly, no nuts, bolts or screws required - simply click the shelves into place
• Heavy-duty steel frame with boltless construction
• Dimensions: 180cm (H) x 90cm (W) 40cm (D)

This five shelf unit offers an incredible 175kg maximum weight on each shelf, allowing you to store even the heaviest of items with peace of mind. It has a very simple assembly design, each piece simply slots together with no bolts or screws required.

Unlike other warehouse racking and industrial shelving, boltless shelving requires only a hammer to install and requires no special skills or knowledge to build. If you’ve ever put together flat-pack furniture, you’ll be able to build this.

The rivets simply snap onto the beams and onto the angle posts. The shelves are easily put into place.

Regular industrial shelving, is bolted together, so if you ever want to reorganise the racking or add more units, you have to pull out the entire thing and replace it.

Boltless shelving snaps apart and back together again effortlessly, allowing you to reorganise and add shelves whenever you want. The new boltless shelves just slide into place – there’s no need to buy replacement units.

The units are incredibly durable, and you’re able to unsnap and reconfigure the shelves as often as you please without doing any damage to the unit or weakening it in any way. The lack of bolts means that there is nothing that will loosen over time. As long as you don’t exceed the high weight limit on the shelves, you’ll have long lasting durability, and more importantly a safe storage area.

Boltless shelves are incredible versatile and while often used in workshops, garages and warehouses, they can be used as industrial style bookshelves in a home or office.


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