About Us

Who are JTF?

We’ve been around for a while, 30 years in fact. Recently we have expanded to 12 mega discount warehouses across the North and the Midlands. We have also launched JTF.com, so anyone in the UK can shop online for our mega discounts.


What we sell?

You’ll find a huge range of mega discounts in store and on JTF.com. You can shop for food & drink, home & garden, DIY, electrical, furniture, toys, pet, toiletries, cleaning, sports & leisure, and so much more. No matter what the project, occasion or event, we have it covered.


How are our prices so low?

This is the good part, we're thrifty in the way we work and our mega warehouses are no frills huge spaces filled with amazing deals; we buy big so you save big! What's more, we're not on the high street, you don’t pay high street prices! We always give you the lowest possible price, every day. Every week our customers save over £1.1 million at JTF.


Why do we show more than one price in store?

We believe in being honest with our pricing, so we show our existing trade members and our new customers the standard retail price (if you were to buy it elsewhere),  and the JTF price with and without VAT. We also show you the mega savings!


How do I become a JTF member?

It’s easy to join, simply visit your local JTF Mega Discount Warehouse, where the staff will be happy to sign you up. Even better, you can sign up for our newsletter and never miss out on the deals.


Each of our stores are open 7 days, late nights and offers free parking ... You won’t find that on high street. Click on our store locator page to find your nearest store.


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