Armoury Crate 33 Piece Firework

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The 33 Piece Armoury Crate is simply packed with fireworks! Barrages, rockets, candles, mines and much more make up this incredible value pack! This firework selection will fill the sky with masses of colour and offers terrific bang for your buck, ideal for displays of any size thanks to its longevity.

The Armoury Crate includes:
• 12x Aerial Attack
• 6x Sky Scramble Rockets
• 4x Rapid Cannon Roman Candles
• 2x Bazooka Roman Candles
• 1x Direct Impact Barrage
• 1x Fighter Strike Barrage
• 1x Ballistic Strike Barrage
• 1x Infantry Invasion
• 1x Operation Eagle Barrage
• 1x Deadly Mission Barrage
• 1x Marked Target Barrage
• 1x Missile Battery Barrage

This is an age-restricted product. Identification will be required on delivery.

It is illegal to sell category F2 Fireworks or category F3 Fireworks to anyone under the age of eighteen. It is illegal for anyone under the age of eighteen to possess any F2 category Fireworks or category F3 Fireworks in a public place.



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