Blue Diamond Uno Chem Fluid 2L

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Blue Diamond’s 2 litre Uno Chem toilet chemical is a unique ‘all-in-one’ solution which merges our best-selling bowl and toilet cleaners to create the ultimate formula that can be used on both the top and bottom compartments of the toilet. Biodegradable and fully formaldehyde-free; this concentrated chemical is highly effective in hard-water areas.

• Built-In Limescale Prevention
• pH Neutral
• Delivers Up To 40 Doses with Measuring System
• Formaldehyde Free
• Effective in Hard-Water Areas

The chemical has integrated limescale prevention and a unique measuring system that guarantees to deliver at least 40 doses. The long-lasting pH neutral formula and strong medicated fragrance makes this product especially formulated for use in camping, caravan, motor home or marine cassette toilets.


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