Brita Maxtra Filter Cartridge

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New MAXTRA+ filter with MicroFlow technology reduces impurities such as chlorine, lime scale, lead and copper from your tap water, noticeably improving the taste and appearance of your hot and cold drinks. MAXTRA+ offers an eco friendly and economical alternative to bottled water costing just pence per litre. What's more the cartridges are 100% recyclable so look out for recycling bins at participating retailers.

• 25% finer mesh reduces coarse particles and new Micro Carbon Pearls reduce chlorine and impurities for improved taste and appearance of food and drinks.
• Ion Exchange Pearls permanently absorb lead and copper and reduce lime scale, for household appliance protection
• Universal fit for old and new BRITA MAXTRA jugs, partnership appliances and many own brand jugs
• Recommended by the UK Tea Academy and by consumers - 96% agree tea is more brilliant with MAXTRA+ filtered water
• 100% recyclable cartridge providing great tasting water at just pence per litre


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