Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees are an essential part of your home during the Christmas period. Here at JTF, we have a wide range of Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes.

From artificial to pre-lit, fibre optic and real Nordmann Fir trees, we have the perfect one to suit any space in your home this holiday season. 
For the first time, we are excited to be able to sell our beautiful 5-6ft Nordmann Fir tree online meaning wherever you are in the UK, you can enjoy one of the most popular trees and indulge in a rich pine fragrance and low needle drop.

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Christmas Tree FAQ

Why do we decorate Christmas trees?

In the 1500s, evergreen trees started to become associated with Christmas and what started off as an addition to biblical and nativity plays, soon found its way into people’s homes. It wasn’t until Queen Victoria’s reign in 1848 that a photograph emerged of her and her family stood beside a large tree covered in ornaments. It is believe that this image is what started the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree here in the UK.

Should I choose a real tree or an artificial one?

When it comes to choosing what type of tree to have, the choice is entirely yours. There are benefits to both and people have their own reasons for preferring one over the other.

Choosing a real Christmas tree is often a family experience and one that some find a family tradition. They offer a natural look with a sweet smelling coniferous fragrance and are better for the environment as they are recyclable. With a real tree, you don’t have to worry about storing it throughout the year and you can easily trim it down if it doesn’t quite fit into the corner of your room.

On the other hand, an artificial Christmas tree is reusable and helps to save you money over time. They are realistic looking and there is a huge assortment to choose from that will fit any space you have. Artificial trees are the perfect choice if you enjoy your tree up throughout the entire month of December as you don’t have to constantly be sweeping up dropped pine needles or ensuring that they are well watered.

What is the difference between tree types?

It’s easy to get confused by all the fancy names given to Christmas trees so take a look at our handy guide to help you find the perfect one for your home.

Imperial Pine – The branches on this tree are fuller than others and help to make this a more traditional looking tree.

Norway Spruce – Native to Britain, these trees are the most popular choice when it comes to Christmas Trees due to their pyramid like shape. Bright green in colour, they will fill your home with a great pine fragrance.

Cashmere – A Cashmere Christmas Tree has Cashmere goat hair added to the tree to create wispy pale strands that make it appear fuller, and whiter – like it has been frosted.

Serbian Spruce – Perfect for smaller spaces, Serbian Spruces are tall thin trees that add a sleek, modern look to your home.

When should I take my Christmas tree down?

In the UK, it is traditional to take down your Christmas decorations on the Twelfth Night (5th January) but some people prefer to reclaim their home after the holiday period. There is no set rule on when you have to take your decorations down and it is entirely down to personal preference.