Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Our superb collection of pre-lit Christmas Trees add lights to your tree without you getting in a tangle. Available from space-saving 2ft trees to beautiful 8ft luxury trees, you can find a tree to fit any space in your home.

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1-24 of 25

Pre-lit Christmas Tree FAQ

What are pre-lit Christmas trees?

Pre-lit Christmas trees are artificial trees that come pre-wired and strung with lights which are embedded into the branches. They make decorating your tree stress free as they eliminate the hassle of attaching your own lights.

How many lights are on a tree?

The amount of lights on a tree will vary depending on a range of factors including the height and style of the tree. For example, a 7ft Canadian Fir has 250 LED lights whilst a 7ft Cashmere Tree has 200 LED lights and a 4ft Cashmere Tree has just 50 LED lights.

What kind of extension cord should I use?

When plugging in your pre-lit Christmas tree, it is recommended that you use a 5 amp or above rated extension cord.

Why do you use LED lights on your pre-lit Christmas trees?

LED lights are more efficient, durable and long lasting than their incandescent counterparts. Safer to touch, they don’t get hot and dim over time instead of burning out. Using up to 75% less energy, they help give you cheaper electricity bills when you need them the most and if one the LED bulbs goes out, you can replace it easily.