Clearwater Antifoam 1L

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The 1 Litre Foam Remover helps control and prevent foaming in your Lay-Z-Spa hot tub and is specially formulated to combat foaming.

Controls and prevents foaming
Helps give your spa water a crystal clear appearance
Formulated with Lay-Z-Spa in mind
Tackles foaming regardless of its cause
What Causes Foam to Form?

Foaming is generally caused by shampoo and deodorants used by hot tub users as well as a person’s natural body oils. Showering before entering the hot tub can sometimes help to alleviate foaming caused by oils, deodorants and shampoo, however, foaming can also be a normal symptom of chemicals that are used to treat and keep your water healthy, therefore it is sometimes unavoidable.

How can I Remove Foam?

This ClearWater Foam Remover will tackle foaming regardless of its cause and help to return your water to a crystal clear appearance. As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings included with the product should be carefully followed and heeded.

Top Tip:

It is important to shower before every use of your Lay-Z-Spa to wash off natural oils that accumulate on your body as well as any deodorants, moisturisers etc. This will help your filters to last longer, reduce the quantity of chemicals that you need to use on treating the spa and also increase the lifetime of your pump.


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