Clearwater Chlorine Granules 5kg

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Bestway Clearwater 5kg Chlorine Granules are an extremely simple way to disinfect a pool on a day-to-day basis. Using chlorine in swimming pools is vital for keeping water clean and hygienic; unless, of course, you enjoy sharing your swimming space with harmful bacteria, damaging germs and ghastly micro-organisms.

• Disinfects pool and spa water to keep it free from bacteria
• Rapid dissolve tablets - simple to apply
• Daily dosage maintains consistently clean and healthy water

The best thing about the chlorine treatment is that it’s so incredibly simple to apply. If water temperature exceeds 20°C then the recommended level of swimming pool chlorine granules can be directly applied. If, on the other hand, water temperature is lower than 20°C then the specified level of pool chlorine granules are dissolved in a plastic container before application. The chlorine granules rapidly dissolve in the water, evenly dispersing throughout a pool in no time at all.


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