Command Clear Decorating Clip Clr Strips 20 Pack

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An easy, damage-free way to hang fairy lights, bunting and other small, light decorations. Command™ Clear Decorating Clips are tiny, clear plastic hooks that can be applied to almost any flat, clean surface including finished wood, tile, metal, glass and painted surfaces. Because the clips and adhesive strips are transparent, they’ll blend in perfectly with the underlying surface so that you can show off your decorations, not what’s holding them up!

When the celebrations are over and you want to take down or rearrange them, the clips are easily and cleanly removed without damaging the surface underneath – no cracks, holes, damaged plaster, sticky residue or stains.

Want to use them for another party? Just reattach them using a new Command™ Clear Adhesive Strips – each pack contains spares. Command™ Clear Decorating Clips are perfect for hanging party decorations. Use them temporarily during a special celebration, or to create an all-year-round feature: Command™ Strips will stay put for as long as you need them to.

They are great for use in rented accommodation, schools or offices where you can’t put screws in the walls or are worried about marks and stains. When you want to remove the clips, hold the clip gently and pull the tab straight down, slowly stretching it until the strip releases from the wall. All of these instructions are detailed on the back of the pack. Command is a trademark of 3M Company.

• Clear self-adhesive decorating clips for discrete damage-free hanging.
• Strong holding power.
• Suitable for most smooth surfaces including painted walls, tiles, glass and metal.
• Removes quickly and cleanly without leaving marks or removing paintwork.


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