Connoisseur Display Pack Firework

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When your firework selection pack contains beasts called Extinction and Apocalypse, you know you are in for an explosive night! Not for the faint of heart, the 960 shot Connoisseur Display Pack is the ultimate bundle for bonfire night. A huge barrage of colour and various effects are on offer, ideal for weddings and big parties.

The Connoisseur Display Pack consists of:
• Hurricane 70 Shot Barrage
• Twister 60 Shot Barrage
• Venom Cobra 84 Shot Barrage
• Venom Viper 78 Shot Barrage
• Final Judgement 139 Shot Compound Barrage
• Ambush 43 Shot Barrage
• Wildfire 64 Shot Barrage
• Extinction 132 Shot Barrage
• Vindicator 72 Shot Barrage
• Snake Bite 80 Shot Barrage
• Oblivion 138 Shot Barrage

This is an age-restricted product. Identification will be required on delivery.

It is illegal to sell category F2 Fireworks or category F3 Fireworks to anyone under the age of eighteen. It is illegal for anyone under the age of eighteen to possess any F2 category Fireworks or category F3 Fireworks in a public place.



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