Hot or Cold Electric Cool Box 24L

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This Hot or Cold Electric Cool Box has a large 24-litre capacity and is perfect for storing pre-chilled or cooked food and drinks - hot or cold.

The cool box makes preparing for long journeys, weekend breaks or picnics/days out much less stressful. No one likes warm drinks (unless it’s tea) and cold chicken wings.

Arrive with chilled bottles of Coke and warm chilli and be the envy of all your friends – be prepared for the many requests to fill it with beer!


• Blue Cool Box with carrying handle and lockable lid
• 12v DC Cable for Car Use (going camping?)
• 240v Cable for Indoor Use (running out of fridge space?)
• Removable Shelf for Additional Dry Storage

The unit has a built-in automatic DC/AC switch (12v/240v) as part of its integrated battery protection system – so don’t worry about regularly switching between plugging into your sockets at home or your car.

The cool box uses environmentally friendly peltier cooling and is able to keep cold food 13-18°C below room temperature and able to heat food (or other items) up to 55-65°C. Red or Green LEDs indicate whether the unit is warming up or cooling down.

The brushless motor is built to last up to 30,000 hours, which is roughly 3.5 years of continuous operation. So, if you are able to go on enough trips to wear it out, we’re very jealous! At 48 watts, power consumption is only a little more than a light bulb.

The cool box is easy to clean and is built with a stain and odour resistant (CFC-free) polyurethane foam liner.

Lastly, the lid comes with a built-in gasket to achieve an air tight seal when locked, keeping food and drinks at the perfect temperature and also keeping any food odours from filling your car and making your stomach rumble.


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