Daewoo Air Fryer 3.5L

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The Daewoo Health Air Fryer is a health-conscious way to enjoy chips, thanks to a rapid air circulation system offering even heat distribution that cooks your food with up to 80% less fat.

• Faster cooking with 1350W power
• 3.5L capacity
• Minimal oil required for healthier meals
• 30-minute timer

Requiring little to no oil and holding up to five portions in its generous 3.5-litre capacity, this 1350W air fryer is ideal for both everyday family meals and dinner parties.

The innovative rapid air circulation combined with a powerful 1350W provides results in next to no time, and the adjustable temperature control, ranging from 80-200 degrees, help cook a variety of ingredients to perfection.

The 30-minute timer offers accuracy when cooking, while the easy-clean body and dishwasher safe parts make this Air Fryer ideal for fast, convenient and top quality cooking.



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