Desert Storm Firework Display Pack 58 Piece

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Entertain with military precision with the hardline Desert Storm 58 Piece Firework Pack, a huge variety of fireworks, barrages, rockets, candles, mines and more. This firework selection provides explosive noise in abundance, will light up your evening like it's the morning sun and lasts for a considerable period of time, making it amazing value for money.

The Armoury Crate includes:
• 1x Missile Volley Roman Candle
• 1x Grenade Mine
• 1x Tracer Fire Wheel
• 12x Heat Seeker Rockets
• 30x Atomic Burst Rockets
• 1x Super Cannon Barrage
• 1x Heavy Bomber Barrage
• 1x Battalion Blitz Barrage
• 1x Offensive Barrage
• 1x Tank Killer Barrage
• 1x Secret Silo Barrage
• 1x Night Warrior Barrage
• 1x Mine Field Barrage
• 1x Fighting machine Barrage
• 1x Invincible Barrage
• 1x B2 Spirit Barrage
• 1x Heavy Artillery Barrage

This is an age-restricted product. Identification will be required on delivery.

It is illegal to sell category F2 Fireworks or category F3 Fireworks to anyone under the age of eighteen. It is illegal for anyone under the age of eighteen to possess any F2 category Fireworks or category F3 Fireworks in a public place.



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