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Whether you’ve got small tool collection for DIY projects, or an extensive tool collection for renovation work; you’re going to need a tool box to store your hand tools and power tools in. Depending on the amount of tools you have, the size of the tool box you need will vary, for example you could go from a small tool box, to a medium sized tool chest, or even bigger, a tool cabinet.


In-store at JTF Mega Discount Warehouse and on we sell an extensive range of varied size tool storage including, a tool cabinet, a rolling tool box, portable tool boxes, tool organizers, garden tool storage, tool box on wheels and many more tool storage solutions.


We stock tool boxes from brands such as Rolson, Keter and Stanley. We have a collection of Stanley tool organizers, including a Stanley tool box and a Stanley tool chest.


Aside from tool box storage, we also stock storage shelves, a DIY tool belt and a hard base tool bag, as well as a folding trolley and platform truck to move heavy tools and equipment around with.


To assist you with DIY and generally to reach things at height around the house, you’ll need a ladder. We have a huge range of ladders for sale, including a step ladder, loft ladder, telescopic ladder, extension ladder and a static ladder.


Not sure which ladder you need? Read our buying guide below to help you select the best ladder for you:


Step ladder

A sturdy but lightweight step ladder is ideal for a little step up when reaching for things around the home.


Loft ladder

A loft ladder is a vertical ladder to help you gain access to your loft.


Telescopic ladder

With a telescopic ladder you can reach great heights but don’t have the hassle of storing a large ladder, as it folds down into less than half of the size.


Static ladder

A static ladder is simply a building essential. This rigid design means a static ladder can be leant up against walls to reach ceilings, roofs etc.

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19 Item(s)