Space Heaters

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  • LPG Space Heater 15kw

    LPG Space Heater 15kw

    SRP: £99.99
    Save: £16.00
  • Industrial Workshop Tilting Heater 3kw

    Industrial Workshop Tilting Heater 3kw

    SRP: £119.99
    Save: £48.00
  • Industrial Heater 3kw

    Industrial Heater 3kw

    SRP: £89.99
    Save: £42.00
  • Diesel Heater 20kw

    Diesel Heater 20kw

    SRP: £349.00
    Save: £170.20

    Available in selected stores

  • Diesel Heater 37kw

    Diesel Heater 37kw

    SRP: £399.99
    Save: £161.19

5 Item(s)

Space Heater FAQ

Why do I need a space heater?

Space heaters are used for energy savings and comfort. They will heat a certain area that you may be working in without having to heat empty rooms at the same time.

Are diesel heaters safe indoors?

It is not advised to have a diesel heater inside as the fumes leave an unpleasant smell that will stay inside long after use. Diesel heaters are primarily for outdoor use and for vehicle workshops, warehouses, farm building and buildings that are under construction, alteration or repair.

Do they have an auto shut off?

All of our space heaters have safety features that prevent the heater from getting too hot and causing potential injuries.