Dulux Once Matt Teal 2.5L

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Dulux Once has been specifically formulated to give you the perfect finish in just one coat. The concentrated formulation means you only need one coat to get the quality finish you would expect from Dulux paints, in a fraction of the time.
Apply a thick, even coat using a medium pile roller, first using a brush for edging. Load roller evenly and generously, ensuring paint is not spread across more than 0.5m2 per roller load. If areas have been missed during application, these may be touched up rather than overcoating the whole area as the paint will dry to match the original coat. Leave a minimum of 4 hours before touch up. Failure to apply correctly may result in a second coat being required, particularly if overpainting a darker colour with a lighter topcoat. Do not apply in very damp or humid conditions or in extreme temperatures.
This emulsion paint is suitable for and covers up to 11 mý per litre on average.


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