Einhell Electric Lawn Mower 1000w

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Get powerful cutting-performance and low-effort handling at a rock-bottom price with the simple but highly effective XU1 1000w Electric Lawnmower!

Its compact overall dimensions combine with its remarkably lightweight build (9.3kg) to ensure it it will prove comfortable and easy to manoeuvre for any operator, while also making it easy to both store and transport.

This 32cm machine benefits from a sleek, plastic housing that not only makes it easy to keep clean, but also confers inherent corrosion-resistance.

A capacious 25-litre grassbox means long run-times between emptying-breaks; while a three-position cutting-height - adjustable from 30 to 65mm - facilitates the management of varying grass-lengths.

The XU1 1000w Electric Lawnmower boasts a lengthy 10-metre mains-lead that will enable to you access the far reaches of a smaller lawn without having to employ extension-boards.

Also featured is a carry-handle for easy portability; and two-handed safety-switching that works to prevent accidental start-up.



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