Elite Exhibition Display Pack Firework

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The Elite Exhibition Display Firework Pack is the ideal set if you're wanting to put on a spectacular display for friends and family who will not forget it. Featuring 13 individual packs of shot barrages totalling an incredible 925 shots, this Elite Exhibition Pack quite literally "brings the noise" - perfect for ending romantic weddings or celebrating a sweet victory!

The Elite Exhibition Display Pack includes:
• Apex Predator 50 Shot Barrage
• Deep Impact 54 Shot Barrage
• Brocade Blitz 49 Shot Barrage
• Atom Attack 61 Shot Barrage
• Street Fighter 110 Shot Barrage
• Twisted Soul 120 Shot Barrage
• Retribution Assassin 63 Shot Barrage
• Executioner 64 Shot Barrage
• Project 57 Andromeda 85 Shot Barrage
• Aurora 44 Shot Barrage
• Poseidon 108 Shot Barrage
• Hercules 81 Shot Barrage
• Slip Stream 36 Shot Barrage

This is an age-restricted product. Identification will be required on delivery.

It is illegal to sell category F2 Fireworks or category F3 Fireworks to anyone under the age of eighteen. It is illegal for anyone under the age of eighteen to possess any F2 category Fireworks or category F3 Fireworks in a public place.



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