1.3G Power Fireworks

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Go big with our explosive range of 1.3G fireworks. Containing four-times the amount of gunpowder that a regular firework to create a deep boom, our 1.3G range offers greater power and performance than regular fireworks.  Perfect for displays, this range includes a selection of rockets and barrages that will bring the noise and add impact to the evening.

Suitable for all budgets, our 1.3G range is packed full of high-quality fireworks at a great value. Including the return of one of our most popular fireworks, Warhawk, along with the addition of a brand new rocket pack, Max 3, you can pick and choose your fireworks to create a unique display for your friends and family.

Buy your 1.3G Power Fireworks online and instore today.

22 Item(s)

22 Item(s)