Frog Masking Tape Delicate Surface 36mm x 41.1m

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This Frog Tape is a distinct painter’s masking tape that is designed for use on delicate surfaces including wallpaper, newly plastered wall and freshly painted surfaces that have been dried for a minimum of 24 hours.

• Keeps paint out and keeps lines sharp
• Helps prevent paint bleed
• The only masking tape to be used with Paint Block technology

Frog Tape is the only masking tape that is made with Paint Block technology - a highly absorbent polymer that reacts with the moisture in the paint to create a micro barrier to give you a professional straight line every time.

Before painting, this tape can be left in place for up to 60 days if it is not in direct sunlight but once painted, we would advise that it is removed immediately (as you would for any masking tape).



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