There’s nothing better when enjoying a warm summer evening than getting friends and family together to have a BBQ. If the summer sun has got you thinking about buying a new BBQ, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got a wide selection of charcoal BBQ’s and gas BBQ’s for you to choose from.


If you really want to show of your grill skills, then we also have a complete range of BBQ accessories to help you cook to perfection! Don’t forget, you’ll also need some essential picnic accessories for when you host the big family BBQ!


Choosing the best BBQ for you:

The first thing when choosing a new BBQ is deciding which heating method you prefer. The two main types of BBQ are either a gas grill or charcoal grill. Understanding the difference between cooking on gas vs charcoal will help you chose the right barbecue for you.


Why choose a gas BBQ?

  • It’s ideal for beginners

If you’re new to barbecuing, we definitely recommend you start with a gas grill rather than a charcoal grill as they are easier to cook with. With a gas grill, you can manage and maintain the temperature as easy as you would with an oven. This means you avoid the risk of burning the meat and you can ensure that it is cooked right through.  

  • Gas is quicker to get going

Instead of waiting for the charcoal to warm up, with a gas BBQ you can fire it up and get cooking straight away! 

  • Gas grills are easier to clean

With no ash or charcoal to scrub off, having a gas BBQ saves you a lot of cleaning. Less mess means more time to soak up the summer sun!


Why choose a Charcoal BBQ?

  • Charcoal creates smoky BBQ flavours

A charcoal BBQ releases a lot of smoke when it’s in action. This smoke infuses the food throughout cooking, giving it that delicious smoky BBQ flavour. 

  • Better value for money

Although all of the barbeques we stock are great value for money, you will find that charcoal BBQ’s are generally cheaper to buy due to their simple cooking method. Charcoal is also less expensive and easier to buy than gas cylinders. However, you may find that if you use your BBQ very frequently, gas may be cost effective long-term.  

  • Charcoal BBQ’s are more portable

Without the heavy gas cylinder, a charcoal BBQ is a lot more portable and lightweight. This makes them ideal for enjoying in other outdoor locations such as camping, or at the beach.   

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