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Here at JTF we offer a wide range of hot tubs and spas from brands such as Lay-Z-Spa and Canadian Spa so you can create your own tranquil corner in your own home.

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Canadian Spa FAQ

What is a hot tub/spa?

A hot tub is like a spa pool. It has built-in jets to provide warmth, relaxation and a massage-effect on muscles and joints. Used for therapeutic reasons and socialising, a hot tub has the electrical control system and other components built inside the cabinet so there is no plumbing required.

Does the tub need to be plumbed in?

No. Simply fill the tub with water from your garden hose, making sure that you are not using hot water.

Does it need a solid base?

The spas will need to be placed on a level piece of concrete, patio or well-built decking area that is a minimum of 4inches thick.

How often do you have to turn it on?

You should leave the spas plugged in at all times. The thermostat inside will regulate the temperature and will only turn on when needed. When you want to get inside it, the Jets button will override the thermostat and turn on the jets.

Does it have a lid?

Each spa comes with a solid, thermal lid that has side straps and folds in the middle for easy removal.

Can you turn off the jets individually?

You can turn off the jets by twisting them however it is advised not to turn them all off as this will cause a blockage that can damage your spa.

How often does the water need changing?

How often you need to change the water depends on how often it is used. If people are using it regularly, perfume and deodorant will be deposited into the spa causing foaming and cloudy water that will need to be changed frequently.

As your spa gets older, you will have to clean the filter more often. The filter traps partially dissolved solids that can reduce the energy efficiency of the tub’s heater and can be cleaned with Filter Cleaner.

If your water has build ups of foam and the de-foamer isn’t clearing it up or if the water smells off, this is a good time to change the water. Alternatively you could use the following method to determine how many often the water should be changed.

• Find the spa capacity in gallons.
• Divide this by the number of people using the tub.
• Divide this by 3.

An example would be a 300 gallon tub is used by 3 people which is 300/3=100. Divide 100 by 3 and you should empty your spa every 33 days or so.

Is the temperature variable?

The top side control allows you to control the temperature inside the spa. 35-38 degrees is the ideal temperature for your tub.

How do I know what chemicals needs of my spa water are?

Canadian Spa has developed an app to help you determine the pH, Alkalinity and Chlorine levels in your spa. Using the test strips, select the colours you see into the Water Test Centre screen on the app and you will instantly get a list of what chemicals you need to add to balance out the levels in your spa.

What is included when I buy a Canadian Spa?

The price of a Canadian Spa includes the delivery arranged by appointment and setting up of your spa. They will fill the hot tub with water and chemicals, test the water chemistry and set the temperature and filtration cycles. A full demonstration of all the functions and chemicals is also included.

Do infrared saunas detoxify your body?

Canadian Spas hemlock wood saunas are known to use far infrared which helps detoxify, relaxation and is known to have many health benefits. Heat is distributed evenly inside the sauna to help remove toxins from the skin and improve your heart and give you a healthier life.