Telescopic Wash Brush Heavy Duty 2m

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If you want to wash your own windows but you’re not a fan of heights or don’t trust ladders, this Heavy-Duty Telescopic Wash brush is ideal. 

• Super-soft bristles ideal for washing cars
• Extends to 2m
• On/off water switch giving greater control
• Integrated water spray
• Attaches to standard hose sizes
• Lightweight at only 1.5kg

The brush extends to 2m and has super soft bristles, allowing you to reach far beyond what you’d normally manage and allowing you to reach 2nd-storey windows or the top of your car/van with ease.

The brush’s on/off water switch gives you greater control and the integrated water spray means you don’t need to carry buckets around with you as it can be attached to standard hose sizes.

Closed Dimensions: 129cm (h) x 27cm (w) x 11cm (d)
Extended Dimensions: 200cm (h) x 27cm (w) x 11cm (d)



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