Whether you’re celebrating Fireworks Night, New Year’s or somebody’s birthday, our extensive selection has everything you need to put on a safe, fun and exciting fireworks display. Take a look at our full range here


Where can I buy fireworks?

Ordering couldn't be easier, all you need to do is...


    1. Print off the order form which you can find here

    2. Fill out your order and your details

    3. Take your order form into one of our stores*. Find your nearest one here

    4. Place your order with our dedicated fireworks sales team

    5. Boom! Enjoy your fireworks display!


What are the best fireworks to buy?

Our in-store* firework specialists will help you to select the best fireworks to buy. We also have videos of the fireworks in action on every firework page on so you can see what they are like before you purchase them. To help you understand the different types of fireworks you can buy, we have put together a simple guide to help:


    • Selection boxes and display packs


If you want to purchase a selection of fireworks that work well together then take a look at our pre-made selection boxes. They include a mix of candles, barrages, wheels, rockets, fountains and more!


    • Rockets, candles and barrages


A rocket is a firework on a stick which shoots into the sky and produces a big bang with crackles to follow. We have a variety of candles in-store (also commonly known a roman candle) which when blasting into the air, it disperses into different effects and different colours. A barrage is a collection of candles which are fused together and are set off at the same time. As there is a mix of candles within a barrage, they produce an array of different effects – a great display!


    • 1.3G power


If you’re looking for the biggest bang possible then consider buying a firework from the 1.3G power range. They have 4x the amount of gunpowder than a normal rocket, produce huge explosions and are of professional display quality. A 1.3G firework is the ultimate way to end your firework event. If you’re into your pro fireworks, then definitely have a look at this range!


    • Wheels


Also known as a Catherine wheel, a wheel is a firework that produces sparks and spins around in a circular motion. A wheel needs to be safely attached to a non-flammable post.


    • Fountains, mines and sparklers


A fountain is a ground based firework that lets off a shower of sparks for around 2 minutes reaching heights of up to 3m. The cone shape of a fountain firework means the pressure builds up into an impressive consistent explosion! A mine is also ground based and once ignited, gives a quick, sharp and dramatic explosion. Sparklers are a bonfire night essential and are great fun for every sized event. This year we have mammoth sparklers which are approximately 49cm long!


Now you've got your fireworks sorted, make sure you take a look at our blog for tips on hosting a banging bonfire party, delicious bonfire night recipes and a guide to looking after your furry friends on the big night!


*Excluding Tamworth and Stoke stores