JML X Power Mop

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Wet or dry, low or high, the X Power Mop will take care of everything from dusty door tops to waterlogged windowsills. The secret to X Power Mop’s success is the ‘X’-shaped cleaning head which allows you to really push the microfibre pads into and around corners, furniture legs, recesses and any nook or cranny that ordinary mops would leave untouched.

The handle of X Power Mop extends to 1.2m to let you get up high into alcoves, for cobwebs and hard-to-reach dust, or to work as a sturdy handle while mopping floors or cleaning windows. The clever, mega-flexible ‘gooseneck’ hinge twists, bends and flexes up to 240 degrees into any position, giving you total control and complete contact, from any angle, for maximum cleaning power.


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