Canada Goose

Known across the world for their stylish and protective garments, Canada Goose is a luxurious brand that can protect you from the coldest of temperatures. Produced in the 1980’s, the Expedition Parka was developed for scientists who were working in McMurdo Station in the Antarctic. Since their success in the South Pole, they have become the go-to brand for anyone spending time in cold areas.

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22 Item(s)

Canada Goose FAQ

Where are Canada Goose products made?

All Canada Goose products are made in their factories based in Toronto and Winnipeg in Canada.

Are Canada Goose Expedition Parkas waterproof?

Yes. The Expedition range has been designed for the Antarctic and to stay dry in extreme conditions and climates.

Are Canada Goose Parkas unisex?

Although they are designed primarily for men, women are also able to wear one of the Expedition Parkas. Available in many neutral colours, the parka will look stylish and keep everyone warm.

Can the Canada Goose Parka be hand washed or dry cleaned?

The Expedition Parka is a dry clean product only.

Why does Canada Goose use holograms?

As with any world-class brand, Canada Goose is unfortunately subject to being copied by counterfeiters. The hologram label was introduce into every Canada Goose product to prove its authenticity and features a Polar bear image that can be seen from different angles.

How should Canada Goose fit?

Please note: This is Canada Goose's largest fit (relaxed fit) and corresponding styles have been developed for layering. We recommend sizing down for everyday use.

How should you store a Canada Goose parka?

It is important to store your parka away in the warmer months in a dark, moisture-free environment. Ensure that the parka is clean before storing it away as oils, dirt and sweat can degrade the fabric overtime and make sure that it isn’t squeezed into a small space as compressing it can reduce its ability to protect you from the cold.