Cement Mixers

Portable and dynamic, cement mixers are the energy-efficient way of making large amounts of concrete. A revolving drum combines sand, aggregate, water and cement together at a faster and more precise rate than if you were to mix by hand.

Ideal for home construction projects like pathways and patios as well as small building sites, our range of cement mixers will save you money when used over a long period of time.

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Cement Mixer FAQ

What are cement mixers used for?

A cement mixer is an energy-efficient way of making large amounts of concrete or mortar, mixing aggregate, water and cement together at a faster rate than if done by hand. They are ideal for home construction projects such as pathways, patios and driveways and can also be used on small building sites.

Can I rent a cement mixer?

Yes, you can rent a cement mixer but it could end up being costly. Ranging from £15 to £40 for one day, it can soon add up if you want to rent one for more than a few days. Buying a cement mixer is a more cost effective thing to do as you then have it for any future projects you wish to undertake.

How do cement mixers work?

Cement mixers have a mixer bowl for the cement, a motor attached to rotate the bowl and a handle to pour the mixture. Simply add in your cement mix, water and aggregate, turn the machine on and to motor will rotate to produce a concrete mix in next to no time.

What size cement mixer should I buy?

63L – The smaller size of a 63L cement mixer makes it ideal for small jobs such as pathways, patios and driveways. They are perfect if you’ve not used a cement mixer before or want to try one before making a bigger purchase.

120L – Due to their light weight and portability, these cement mixers are ideal for home construction projects and small jobs on construction sites. They are suitable for both occasional and frequent use.

How do I clean a cement mixer?

Dry concrete can damage the mixer so it is vital that they are cleaner straight after use. To clean, follow these 3 simple steps:
1. Add water and a little bit of sand to the mixer and let it run for a few minutes.
2. Empty the mixer and run it again with just water inside.
3. Empty the drum and disconnect from the power supply so you can brush off any leftover cement from the drum.