What to do in your garden in April




With spring now here, lighter nights and a gradually increasing temperature, April is a great time to get out in your garden and get growing.



  • Rake out any dead moss with a scarifier and then fork over to improve drainage.


  • Sow lawn seed now and make sure to keep the lawn moist to encourage germination.


  • For a complete garden transformation, lay down new turf and ensure it is kept moist for strong growth.


  • Recut lawn edges and mow the lawn as required (it’s recommended to keep the blades fairly high still).




  • Plant summer flowering bulbs such as lilies and gladiolus.



  • Divide primroses after they have finished flowering.


  • If any of your garden plants need supporting, put in the supports now so that that the plants can grow using them.


  • Continue to cut back any dead foliage to make way for new growth.


  • Plant hardy annuals that will come into bloom by June. Sprinkle easy to grow choices such as marigolds on top of compost and then lightly cover with another layer of compost. These should be blooming by June.



  • Prepare your hanging baskets and get them ready for your plant delivery from JTF.com. If you’re planting plug plants in your hanging baskets now, make sure to keep them in the greenhouse until early May to protect them from frost.


  • Remove any faded flowers from early flowering bulbs such as daffodils.


Fruit and Veg

  • Replenish growing beds with a layer of multipurpose compost and manure for extra nutrients.


  • Make sure to give the compost a good mix so the new layers are evenly distributed.


  • Plant chitted potatoes in the ground.


  • Vegetable seeds you can begin to sow directly into the ground include; beetroot, brussels sprouts, broccoli, peas, swede, radishes and spring onion.


  • Apply slow release fertiliser to the base of your fruit trees.


  • Marrows, courgettes, pumpkins, squashes and tomatoes can all be sown in a heated greenhouse.


DIY tasks

  • If you haven’t yet built a raised bed, build now before it’s too late on in the growing season.


  • Remove weeds from the patio and paving with a pressure washer. Not only will a pressure washer remove the weeds, it will also remove the dirt build up on the bricks. Once you have removed the weeds, spray weed killer between the paving to prevent regrowth.


  • If you have a pond, remove blanket weed with a rake and clean the filters if required. 


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