What to do in your garden in March




Spring is just about here! If your garden is looking a little shabby, March is the best time to start preparing it for the summer months. Follow our gardening guide for this month and you should be on track to a blooming lovely outdoor space.



  • If you have a lawn that is beyond repair, lay down new turf now. As the weather is gradually warming up, your lawn will flourish in no time.



  • Give your grass a good cut. For lot of people, March is the month when they carry out their first grass cutting of the year due to the drier weather. If you think you could do with a new lawnmower, have a look at our online lawnmower and power tools range.




  • Feed trees, shrubs and hedges with a slow release fertiliser to encourage healthy growth.


  • Nourish your soil in beds and plant pots by replenishing it with some multipurpose compost. This will add much needed nutrients to assist with strong plant growth.



  • Sow flower seeds into pots or containers so that they are ready to plant in June.  



  • Begin weeding if you have noticed new weeds coming through the soil or between paving slabs.



Fruit and veg 

  • Prepare vegetable beds by removing weeds and replenishing with plenty of nourishing compost.


  • Start to sow vegetable seeds such as carrots, radishes and lettuce.


  • Start planting onions and shallots. If you don’t want to plant them directly into a flower bed, you can plant them in individual pots, stored in a greenhouse.


  • If you desire, start planting fruit trees.



DIY tasks

  • Get rid of the weeds that may have creeped through your patio using trowel. Use a pressure washer to clean the dirt away and finish by applying some weed killer to prevent more weeds from growing through.


  • Clean and maintain gardening tools so they are ready to use again. If you need any new gardening equipment, have a look on our website as we have mega savings on garden tools and equipment.



  • If you don’t already have one, install a water butt to collect rain water for watering plants with.



New Home?

Congratulations! A new garden doesn’t have to be a huge, time consuming project. If the garden you have inherited is to a decent standard, you may only need a few additions to make it your own idyllic personal space.


  • If you have a sizable garden, a summerhouse or small log cabin would be an incredible addition, offering you a place of relaxation away from the family.


  • Sometimes, a smaller garden only needs a couple of new planters or troughs to brighten up the patio or decking.


  • If space is really on the limited end, why not try our range of hanging baskets? These can be placed on the outer wall of your house, or on fences and brick walls.


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