Oakley Stone Giant Foo Dogs Garden Ornament

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The remarkable, exquisitely eye-catching, Oakley Stone Giant Foo Dogs Garden Ornament stands half a metre high. Beautifully detailed and a solid 70 kg, each foo dog is mounted on its own integral plinth. Whether you want to make a whimsical addition to a commercial building or an oriental garden, this heavy, solid garden statue is one hundred percent British-made.

Hand-finished to ensure quality, Imperial gardens of old have always added foo dogs to ensure feng shui protection. Traditionally placed in front of government offices, temples, and imperial palaces, foo dogs were a symbol of social status and family wealth.

Increase your fortune by getting your own home or garden a pair of engaging foo dogs. Enjoy the fact that the Oakley Stone Giant Foo Dogs Garden Ornament is artisanal with no two statues being exactly alike. Position these on either side of your front door or staircase to welcome guests and savor the fact that these are made to last.



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