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On JTF.com and in-store at JTF Mega Discount Warehouse we have a wide range of hand tools suitable for various DIY or professional trade jobs. If you are looking for a mega deal on quality tools, then you’ve come to the right place.


To carry out home DIY or a construction task, it’s recommended to use a DIY light to help you see, especially if you are doing an indoor DIY project. We stock various task lighting such a portable light (great if you do a lot of DIY). We also stock a variety of outdoor lighting from floodlights to a LED work light.


Being safe whilst carrying out construction work is crucial. We stock a variety of safety supplies to protect you from the risks of building and construction work, such as gel knee pads, welding helmet and ear defenders.


You can’t begin any DIY without a set of hand tools. A hand tool is a type of building tool that doesn’t require any electrical power. Woodworking tools are good example of a hand tool, See below for the essential woodworking tools.


Woodworking tools list

• Hammers

• Wrenches

• Screwdriver

• Hand saw

• Clamp

• Tape measure

• Spirit level


To help with woodworking and most DIY jobs, you will need a selection of measuring tools. There’s a different measuring tool for every DIY task from a classic spirit level to a tape measure.


Once you have built up a tool set of hand tools, carpentry tools or automotive tools you will need a tool box to store them all in. Depending on the amount of hand tools you have, the size of the tool box you will need will vary, for example you could go from a small tool box, to a medium sized tool chest, or even bigger, a tool cabinet.

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