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With a vast range of garden tools and garden machinery available, it can be confusing trying to decide which garden equipment you need to carry out garden maintenance. Read our glossary to help you buy the right garden tools:


Garden tools for cutting and pruning

Cutting and pruning your garden plants is an essential task to keep your shrubbery tidy and to benefit your garden’s growth.  With such a wide range of garden tools available, we've created this handy breakdown of what to use and when:


Secateurs - secateurs are small, handheld cutters that help you to snip bushes, twigs and small branches.

• Pruner - pruner is similar to a pair of secateurs however, a pruner has longer handles and is more robust, meaning it can be used for heavy duty garden tasks.

• Loppers - loppers are also very similar to secateurs, however loppers have handles approximately 1m long, enabling you to reach higher branches.

• Shears - there are various types of shears available, which are suitable for a range of garden tasks. Hedge shears are used for cutting bulkier garden foliage. Long handled edging shears have a smaller blade which is positioned at a right angle to the handle, these are used to create garden edging by trimming lawn borders. Similarly, long handled lawn shears can be used to create garden edging by trimming overgrown grass and weeds.

• Saws - a saw is a tough, tooth edged blade used for chopping large pieces of wood. We have a range of bow saws, hack saws, board saws and hand saws available.


Garden tools for digging and cultivating

Cultivating is when you prepare the soil for growing by using digging actions. Soil cultivating may be hard work but these tools will make it a lot easier for you.


Spade/ Shovel

A spade and a shovel are very similar and carry our similar roles, however the blade defines whether it’s a spade or a shovel. A spade is the triangular shaped blade and a shovel is the blunt square blade. Traditionally, a spade is used for piercing and digging due to its angled plate and a shovel is for scoping and moving soil.


Garden hoe

A garden hoe is a handheld tool with a long handle which is used for breaking up hard areas of soil and removing small weeds. A garden hoe is ideal for shaping shallow trenches to plants seeds and bulbs.


Hand trowel

A hand trowel is one of the simplest garden tools, essentially a smaller version of a spade, it’s a key tool for planting and weeding.


Garden fork

There are two types of garden fork, one being a small, handheld tool and the other being a larger, heavier version with a long handle. Handheld garden forks and hand trowels are often used together for weeding and planting.


Garden gloves

We have plenty of cut resistant gloves which will keep you safe, dry and comfortable when carrying out your gardening. If typical gardening gloves aren’t for you, we also have leather work gloves, which are fashionable and functional 

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