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We have a variety of lawn mowers and power tools to help make your garden maintenance a little bit easier. At JTF, you’ll find all of the garden tools needed to trim your lawn, chop your trees and shape your shrubbery. A lawn mower is the essential power tool for those with a green space, whether it be small or large.


Choosing the right lawn mower is key to keeping lawn maintenance to a minimum. A general rule to follow when buying a new lawn mower is the bigger your lawn, the bigger your lawn mower should be. However, the tricky option when choosing a lawn mower is picking between a petrol lawn mower and an electric lawn mower.


Why choose an electric lawn mower ?

• Cheap to run

• Ideal for medium sized lawns

• Works better on lawns that are regularly maintained


Why choose a petrol lawn mower?

• Very powerful and can tackle thick or overgrown grass

• They are heavy, so they’ll cut more grass at once

• Better for larger lawns


Garden tools for trimming and chopping

There’s nothing more unsightly than an overgrown garden. Chainsaws are the perfect garden tools for chopping down trees, splitting wood, or getting rid of large bushes. You can chose from a petrol chainsaw which is convenient when you have no access to electricity, or an electric chainsaw which is a lightweight alternative.


Lawn edges can be trimmed to precision with our range of grass trimmers and hedges pruned to perfection with our variety of hedge trimmers.

We also stock multi tools , meaning you don’t have to buy a selection of different garden tools for each garden task, you can buy one tool that can be used for completing all of the garden maintenance.


How to dispose of garden waste

Once you’ve put your garden tools to good use, you’re probably left with a lot of garden debris to clear up. Browse our blower vacs and shredders to find the most suitable garden power tools to help you clear up the mess. Blower vacs are great for collecting lighter garden waste, such as plucked weeds and leaves. Shredders are ideal for chipping larger pieces of wood, making them easier to dispose of

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