RHS Natural Weed Killer 1L

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The ready to use RHS Natural Weed Killer will start to attack annual and perennial weeds on hard surfaces within 24 hours and leave your garden weed-free.

• Powerful contact action
• Effective within 24 hours
• Contains 60g/L of acetic acid
• Glyphosate free formula

This non-selective weed and moss killer will burn away most soft plant tissue that it comes into contact with and will encourage it to die off. This weed killer will not attack the roots of perennial weeds, only the surface foliage. 

To use, simply attach the spray nozzle and evenly spray over the offending weeds and moss, leaving an interval of 7 days between re-application. 

The formula is bio-degradable meaning children and pets can enter treated areas once dry and this 1L bottle will provide up to 35m2 of coverage.



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