Sealey 14 Drawer Tool Chest 1179pc Tool Kit Black

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14 Drawer Tool Chest Combination with 1179pc Tool Kit Package includes:

• Model No. AP26059TB
• 5 Drawer Topchest with Ball Bearing Slides - Black
• Overall Size (W x D x H): 660 x 435 x 490mm.

• Model No. AP26029TB
• 2 Drawer Mid-Box with Ball Bearing Slides - Black
• Overall Size (W x D x H): 670 x 440 x 210mm.

• Model No. AP26479TB
• 7 Drawer Rollcab with Ball Bearing Slides - Black
• Overall Size (W x D x H): 685 x 465 x 1005mm.

• 1179pc Tool Kit
• Includes Model No's: TBT01 - Tool Tray with Combination Spanner Set 13pc Metric

TBT02 - Tool Tray with Pliers Set 4pc

TBT03 - Tool Tray with Circlip Pliers Set 4pc

TBT04 - Tool Tray with Locking Pliers & Adjustable Wrench Set 4pc

TBT05 - Tool Tray with T -Handle TRX -Star* Key Set 8pc

TBT06 - Tool Tray with T -Handle Ball -End Hex Key Set 8pc

TBT07 - Tool Tray with Hex/Ball -End Hex Keys & Socket Bit Set 29pc

TBT08 - Tool Tray with TRX -Star* Key, Socket Bit & Socket Set 35pc

TBT09 - Tool Tray with Engineer’s File Set 5pc

TBT11 - Tool Tray with Ribe/Spline/Hex/Security TRX -Star* Bit Set 60pc

TBT12 - Tool Tray with Measuring & Cutting Set 6pc

TBT13 - Tool Tray with Flare Nut & Ratchet Ring Spanner Set 12pc

TBT14 - Tool Tray with Screwdriver Set 6pc

TBT15 - Tool Tray with Riveter & 400 Assorted Rivet Set

TBT16 - Tool Tray with Ratchet Crimper & 325 Assorted Insulated Terminal Set

TBT17 - Tool Tray with Precision & Pick -Up Tool Set 38pc

TBT18 - Tool Tray with Punch & Impact Driver Set 25pc

TBT19 - Tool Tray with Socket Set 1/4inchSq Drive 43pc

TBT23 - Tool Tray with Scraper Set 9pc

TBT24 - Tool Tray with Impact Socket Set 1/2inchSq Drive 28pc - Metric

TBT26 - Tool Tray with Tap & Die Set 33pc

TBT29 - Tool Tray with Hammer -Thru Screwdriver Set 6pc

TBT30 - Tool Tray with Prybar, Hammer & Hacksaw Set 6pc

TBT31 - Tool Tray with Socket Set 3/8inch & 1/2inchSq Drive 55pc

TBT32 - Tool Tray with Ratchet, Torque Wrench, Breaker Bar & Socket Adaptor Set 13pc

TBTB (x2) - Tool Tray - Blank 176.5 x 397 x 55mm


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