The Buzz Spider Catcher

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The Buzz Spider Catcher XL is a humane way of catching and releasing spiders and other crawling insects without having to be near them.

• Over 1m reach
• Gentle bristles
• Trigger catch and release
• Includes plastic spider

Highly effective for those who don't like to be near crawling insects, this spider catcher has a reach of over 1m and can get into the hard to reach areas in any room that a spider may be in.

Gentle bristles on the end of the catcher enable you to catch and easily remove an array of insects including butterflies, moths, daddy long legs and of course, spiders.

Made from tough, durable plastic, you can rest assured that once the insect is inside, it will not get out until you release the trigger to open the bristles.

This spider catcher includes a plastic spider to help you practise catching them before putting it to the test on a live insect.



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