TRIKKA Puppy Training Clicker

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The TRIKKA is a true revolution, whether you train your dog using a clicker or just want a convenient way of carrying pet treats the TRIKKA is for you. The dual button system allows you to perform both functions independently, while one push of the double button provides a high-quality click sound along with an instant training treat. Your dog will fast associate the "click" with getting a reward. The TRIKKA comes complete with 30g of TRIKKA training treats and instruction booklet. Being pocket-sized and comfortable to hold the TRIKKA makes a great dog-walking accessory.

•No more Biscuit crumbs in your pocket
•Dual-action for training or just dispensing
•Comfortable handheld/ Pocket size
•Built-in Training clicker and instant treats
•Alert your dog that a treat is on its way



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